Sentiment Analysis May 28, 2022

Conversations with Friends: 'Endometriosis plot might make someone visit GP'
Hannah Price

Ten years later she was finally diagnosed with endometriosis, a chronic illness that sees tissue like that in the lining of the womb grow elsewhere in the body - often around the reproductive organs, bowel and bladder. The tissue builds up and bleeds every month, but with no way to escape the body, . . .

keywords: gp, conversations, endometriosis, womb, trapped, visit, reproductive, plot, organs, sees, friends, scar, pain, body, way, tissue May 24, 2022

Xinjiang Police Files: Inside a Chinese internment camp
John Sudworth

China insists the network of secure facilities built across its far western region of Xinjiang are simply “schools” for combatting extremism to which “students” sign up willingly. But the contents of the leaked Xinjiang Police Files suggest a different story. The documents show it holds 3,722 “stude . . .

keywords: chinese, students, officers, internment, inside, cache, verify, xinjiang, documents, files, information, camps, camp May 19, 2022

Munya Chawawa: ‘I pretended to be Idris Elba’s son’
Hannah Price

Munya says as he got older he thought the only career path for him would be to work as a presenter but back then he was met with "so many gatekeepers." So he began to lie to get initial meetings with managers. . . .

keywords: work, meetings, thought, chawawa, presenter, older, munya, managers, lie, pretended, met, idris, elbas, path May 12, 2022

Joe Alwyn: I relate to mental health frustrations in Conversations with Friends
Hannah Price

"I think that transition into adulthood, when you don't really know who you are, and you feel a little lost, and you find so much identity in your friends, or your taste or the things you're into, but actually, you realise being a person in the world is incredibly daunting. . . .

keywords: things, conversations, youre, realise, taste, relate, mental, joe, really, person, alwyn, friends, health, transition, lost, think, world, frustrations Apr 29, 2022

Cold water swimming: what is the safest way to do it?
Smitha Mundasad

Prof Mike Tipton, from the University of Portsmouth - who has been studying the impact of cold water immersion on the body for more than 30 years - says evidence suggests the "rush" and "euphoria" many people experience is triggered, at least in part, by the sudden release of stress hormones as thei . . .

keywords: suggests, university, studying, sudden, water, swimming, triggered, cold, rush, stress, way, tipton, safest Apr 28, 2022

Do you want to find out how much your colleagues earn?
Suzanne Bearne

"Sometimes some organisations say to me 'can we stop people from talking about salaries? ', but people will inevitably talk, they become friends. I say if you're concerned they're going to talk, and you know there is disparity, that can be overcome through either freezing some salaries while making . . .

keywords: theyre, youre, stop, earn, talk, say, talking, overcome, colleagues, salaries, months, organisations Apr 28, 2022

Climate change: Don't let doom win, project tells worriers
Georgina Rannard

"I have phases - sometimes I feel like it's not my fault, it's down to people-in-power. Then I read something else that says if we are not taking action, we are like climate deniers," said one participant. . . .

keywords: project, win, taking, deniers, worriers, peopleinpower, participant, feel, climate, fault, tells, dont, read, phases, action, doom, change, let Apr 27, 2022

Kirby: How the pink Nintendo character became gaming's surprise hero
Christian Brooks and Cameron McAllister

"There's a cotton candy allegory to be drawn here," she said. "Much like the carnival confection, Kirby is fluffy, cute, pink, and very sweet. It looks attractive and is so very fun to eat but the minute you put it in your mouth it dissolves. Gone so quickly, you barely noticed it was there. . . .

keywords: quickly, minute, mouth, nintendo, looks, theres, kirby, sweet, character, gone, surprise, pink, noticed, hero, gamings Apr 13, 2022

BBC Three's Brickies: 'I earn more bricklaying than my friends who went to uni'
Thea De Gallier

Brickies Jeorgia and Molly, who also appears in the show, are two of a small number of female bricklayers in England. Analysis of workforce data shows that women make up just 12.8% of workers in the construction industry, and that figure is even smaller when you look only at bricklayers. Research by . . .

keywords: construction, workers, bbc, female, women, worked, workforce, went, bricklaying, bricklayers, friends, threes, earn, suggested, brickies, uni, industry, works